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Guillaume Boéréma – vocals (guitars composer)
Fabrice Pelletier – guitar
unknown – bass
unknown – drums (launcher sample)


– Born in early 2012, GET RICH OR DIE ASSHOLE is noisy, brutal and catchy. The style oscillates between rhythm punk and blast beat for fans of the genre. A founding member of the group SPIRITUAL DISSECTION « guillaume Boerema » have past five years studying « The mastering audio sound  » in his home studio. The project began to take shape with a few pieces.

– In March 2013, in search of a guideline, the compositions are in a grind / death more or less hybrid register. An EP is being prepared for soon. A album is planned for 2015/2016.

-The choice of the group name is very important, he represents the company today. The songs of GET RICH OR DIE ASSHOLE tells the story of dark side of human relationships. Events that are related to the oversized consumer society. Human errors that lead to physical and mental shock.

– In October 2014, the EP is being recorded. it will be self-produced and mastered by Guillaume Boerema/ The CD will bring the group name. Scheduled for February 2015 The project is active on the artwork of his first EP which will aim to promote themselves on the metal scene. A solo project for now but could become a full band for the live certainly.

– In May 2015, Jean-Pierre has arrived as a bassist (guitarist of the band Lokurah). The compositions and recording s of the first album is still valid. Despite the lack of a musician in the band and to promote themselves on the stage.

Today (10-12-16) Fabrice (old-Monolyth) arrived and rehearsals begin … We have planned in the near future a start on the boards. may be without drummer but with lots of noise.